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 The Japanese cuisine is known to be healthy, low on calories and cholesterol, easy to digest and tasteful. It is also famous for its aesthetic presentation. The Japanese cuisine captures the eye and the food presentation on the plate must be aesthetic and each different course must be harmonized with nature. Because it is made of islands, Japan is blessed with plenty fresh fish.


Japanese Cuisine as Culture

The traditional food in Japan comes from the sea and is mostly comprised of fish, crabs, oysters, seaweed and other seafood. However, in the Japanese menu one can find many chicken-based dishes as well. There are many Asian restaurants in Israel, but none equals to the Kyoto restaurant, which keeps the highest standards. In Kyoto, we believe that a good meal is not only judged by its taste, but also by the entire atmosphere and accompanying experience. That is why we try to provide our clients with the best culinary experience, being a top sushi restaurant. Japanese Cuisine: a feast, both to the palate and to the eyes. Contrary of the general assumption that all Asian restaurants are the same and serve the same food, it is important to emphasize that Japanese cuisine is far more than just food. In fact, it is a real culture. A traditional Japanese meal will include a bowl of white rice (gohan), a main course of fish or meat, a side dish of cooked vegetables, a bowl of miso soup (made of ground soybeans) or fresh vegetable soup and suimono (pickles).


As mentioned before, in the Japanese cuisine a strict aesthetic food presentation is as important as fresh raw materials and the food’s taste. Therefore, in the Japanese cuisine the food is neatly placed on the plate. The Kyoto restaurant’s chef uniquely blends the traditional Japanese cuisine with the special taste of the Mediterranean cuisine to the diners’ much delight. This great and extraordinary flavors, colors and cultures mixture positions Kyoto restaurant as one of the leading Japanese restaurants in Israel. You can hold private events in the restaurant: enjoy the best of an authentic Asian restaurant.


A unique experience in Kyoto Herzlyia restaurant

Another thing the Japanese culture is known for is hospitality. The Kyoto restaurant enables clients who wish to do so to provide their guests with a unique hospitality experience while holding events of any kind for up to 20 guests, in our private room. In addition, Kyoto restaurant can hold private events at your home.


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Menu  Business Menu  Drinks

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